What's Up- or Down- with Marvel's Sales?

Comic book sales and what drives them up or down has always been a huge topic of conversation on many a comic book message board. You will easily find these debated whenever Marvel or DC announce a new event series or variant cover-ladened series launch. Longtime readers point to the 90s speculation bust often. But really, really, how is the market doing? We all know sales aren't where they used to but we've been told the industry as a whole is showing some positive growth.

Publisher's Weekly posted an article with some thorough analysis of the trends in Marvel's publishing plan and sales. Not surprisingly the company is seeing boosts in sales being driven by relaunches, events and stunts or variants. However the boosts are getting smaller as is the level that sales settle at. What does this all mean? Not sure exactly; is this just the state of the comic industry in 2014 or is Marvel truly experiencing some type of crunch?

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