For the BookShelf- 'Spookshow: A Ghost Zero Novel'

I've been a fan of Dave Flora's Ghost Zero for a few years now having first discovered the great pulp-inspired character when he self-published a couple of comic book issues of Ghost Zero; Ghost with Guns and The Vigilante Crypt. But with Spooktacular Flora's moving from the comics page and into the long format of a pulp adventure novel. From the Amazon listing....
The character of Ghost Zero is Eddie Quick, who was just a kid trying to figure out small town life when he winds up with a haunted ring that someone is willing to kill for! Now, the only thing that can save his life is making a deal with the ghost of a gun-slinging vigilante, Charles Pallentine, and tracking down the man who killed him. Of course, it’s not that simple. Pallentine is probably crazy, the ring may carry an ancient curse…. And his new girlfriend may be working for the killer! Together, Eddie and Charles become Ghost Zero, avenger of the helpless dead, and race to stop a man who uses ghosts to kill!
Flora has released the novel on Kindle and in paperback and I'm happy to say I was probably one of the first to download it. I've long been a fan of the pulp novels of the 1930s and 40s and this book is a great modern companion piece. He's developed a writing style that's both lean and descriptive and never slows down the action. The novel goes through the origin of the character in ways that take the normal tropes of pulp fiction in new ways then and positions Ghost Zero for many continuing adventures. Flora has already announced that the sequel to the book, The Midnight Society, will be released this Spring.

The reviews on the Amazon listing for Spooktacular show that I'm not alone in my praise for Flora's first novel. It's a great debut Flora and Ghost Zero: horror and action, chills and thrills, character and emotion. Spookshow: A Ghost Zero novel has been a great addition to my bookshelf.