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Captain America: First Avenger sequel- new director?

Newest Avengers trailer- We see the Aliens!

The Man of Steel's new look

Beware the Batman coming to Cartoon Network

The Walking Dead #95 PREVIEW

Armie Hammer talks about the Justice League movie

More new images of Captain America from The Avengers

New image of Captain America from The Avengers movie- Frozen In Ice!

Cover to Scarlet Spider #4 released

Movie poster for The Wolverine revealed?

New images from 'The Avengers' movie; some never before seen sets

First look at Stephen Amell as Green Arrow

PREVIEW trailer from The Walking Dead video game

Before Watchmen: Jim Lee's variant cover to Nite-Owl #1

Official! Carol Danvers IS the new Captain Marvel

Love That Panel: The Avengers by Ryan Meinerding

DC's Swamp Thing debuts new look in April's issue 8

Great new Japanese Trailer for the Avengers shows Helicarrier and surprise cameo by...

Avengers vs. X-Men; Vs #2- beautiful Cap/Gambit pages by Steve McNiven

Joss Whedon: The Avengers is the Ultimate Hulk movie

Alan Moore calls Before Watchmen "DC soiling themselves in public" and a "reputation killer"


Who's the New Captain Marvel?

Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel

DC releases the first series of official Before Watchmen solicits

Joss Whedon says 'No' to Skrulls AND Kree

First Look at Johnny Depp and Arnie Hammer in The Lone Ranger

All Marvel $3.99 books to include free digital copies

Sad News: Amy Reeder off of Batwoman

Where's Waldo? On a killing spree of course!

Daredevil #10.1 PREVIEW

Summer of Valiant: Bloodshot cover revealed

More Before Watchmen, world waiting on Alan Moore's response

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