Astonishing X-Men #51- Marvel Comics' first gay wedding?

A few weeks ago Marvel sent out a teaser image telling us 'to save the date' for Astonishing X-Men #51 that there would be a special wedding in that issue. Well they've recently updated the shipping information for that book for retailers and it makes it seem that it will be a very special wedding indeed:
ASTONISHING X-MEN #51 will have everyone inside and outside of the industry talking. Marvel has secured mainstream coverage both on-air and in print, for something that has never been seen inside the pages of a Marvel comic. Not only that, but some retailers are already saving the date and are hosting special wedding events in their stores.

Retailers who exceed 300% of their orders of ASTONISHING X-MEN #49 with their orders by FOC for ASTONISHING X-MEN #51 can order as many copies as they wish of the ASTONISHING X-MEN 51 CREATE YOUR OWN WEDDING VARIANT. Note: details on this variant will be revealed in the coming weeks and is NOT similar to the customized Comic Shop Variants, most recently offered on Spider-Men #1.
Ok so what type of wedding would get that type of mainstream media coverage AND also be something that has never happened in a Marvel comic before? The X-Men's Northstar and his boyfriend have been front burner characters in the book recently so...