Miller shares some Superman secrets of the new Smallville Season 11 series

Following the announcement of DC Comics' new Smallville Season 11 digital comic, series writer Bryan Q. Miller gave a quick interview to TV Guide on what readers can expect when the series debuts.
"Season 11 begins six months after Clark Kent defeated Darkseid and stopped the planet Apokolips from crashing into Earth. He's now settling into life as the Man of Steel while continuing to carry on his dual identity as a mild-mannered reporter at the Daily Planet. It's Clark's first year as Superman," says writer Bryan Q. Miller, who was also a writer on the TV show and has previously scripted DC's Teen Titans and Batgirl comics. "He's riding the high of everything working out so far. And he enjoys that he can stop and shake hands with folks after he saves them."
 As to the other members of the cast Miller said that fans will be pleased that they all will be featured in the new comic book.
"It's a continuation of the lives of characters seen weekly over the course of 10 years. It's an ensemble book with Clark Kent at the core. Clark just so happens to now be Superman. That ensemble includes Lois Lane, his fiancé and fellow reporter; his childhood best friend, Chloe; and Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow. As was teased in the finale, Chloe and Ollie are now married and in fact, she's going by the name Chloe Sullivan-Queen."
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