Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Love That Panel: Stephen Amell teases the Lazarus Pit

So with the shocking ending of last week's Fall finale of Arrow I'm sure everyone is wondering where do the producers go from here. Certainly the character of Oliver Queen can't be dead even though he looked like it after his fight with Ra's Al Ghul. Stephen Amell has been teasing the Arrow's return on his Facebook page with that's beautiful piece form artist Bosslogix.

Check out his link and you will see this is just the first part of a 3 piece series.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Scott Snyder: "I have a Captain America story"

Marvel fans everywhere probably felt some tingles of excitement when superstar Batman writer announced during a recent Reddit AMA that he has a Captain America story he would love to be able to tell some day.

He responded to a question asking if he could write any book for Marvel what would it be with this:
"Captain America. Have a big story I've always wanted to do!"
Naturally most of the AMA focused on his work on DC's Batman with Greg Capullo. Some interesting bits include:

  • his would like to work on Wonder Woman someday, with Greg Capullo
  • both he and Jock have been involved in the development of the Wytches movie 
  • he has a Batman story planned with Sean Murphy
To read the full Reddit AMA please click HERE.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Comics and Beer- The Perfect Combination

Comics fans across the country now can have the best of both world starting this week with Arcade Brewery's Festus Rotgut Ale six pack. Each bottle's label in the six pack tells a sequential comic story by creators Jason Aaron and 'Walking Dead' artist Tony Moore.

The six pack comic series was the brainchild of Moore and Arcade Brewery co-founder Lance Curran. According to Curran:
I’m a huge comic book guy. I have a pull list that I grab every week, and I’ve been reading comic since I was a kid. Almost any project I do, I try to incorporate comic books into it. And with my job at Threadless I work with different comic book artists on t-shirt designs. Tony Moore was one of the first comic artists to work with me on some comic-themed T-shirts. We were also working on a video together called “Welcome to Zombie Town With Tony Moore,” for Threadless. And right around the time we were filming, I started working on the brewery with my partner, Chris Tourre. I started talking to him about the idea of the brewery, and asked him if he’d be willing to be involved. He was super excited about it. That’s a thing I’ve found with a lot of comic book artists and writers: They’re hungry for the chance to work on something different outside of usual medium and have a new challenge.
For more and to see all 6 labels, please click HERE.

Friday, December 12, 2014

New teaser poster for Marvel's Agent Carter series

Marvel Studios has released a new teaser poster supporting their upcoming Marvel's Agent Carter limited run series that will premiere in January. The poster put the focus on the star Hayley Atwell in a stylish noir throwback design.

Marvel's Agent Carter premieres on Tuesday January 6 with a special two hour episode and will run for eight weeks in the regular Agents of SHIELD time slot.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Marvel's Star Wars sells over 1 million copies

Marvel has confirmed that their new Star Wars #1 by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday has broken the 1 million copies ordered mark from Diamond. The book, which ships on January 14th will become the best selling American comic book in the last 20 years.

Marvel's VP of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel has also said that Marvel is strongly pursuing other avenues for sales of the book such as Lootcrate and GameStop. He expects to continue to grow the different markets carrying the title.

For more of that interview click HERE.

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