Darth Vader Returns!

In June Darth Vader returns with a new ongoing comic book series from Marvel Comics by writer Charles Soule and art by Giuseppe Camuncoli. In a new interview with Marvel.com Soule gives some details on the direction of the new series and how it takes place seconds after the conclusion of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith.

Charles Soule: That moment is where this series begins, and you’re right: Vader has lost everything. His mentor, the Jedi Order, the love of his life, his physical body, even his lightsaber. That “NOOOO!” moment is him realizing that, and then he immediately locks himself down. He gave himself that one moment to consider what he’d lost, but then he’ll never think about it again—or that’s his plan, anyway. In other words, he decides to become a machine-like killer in that moment, almost as a defense mechanism. Vader needs to dive as deeply as he can into darkness, because being in the light would let him see his own monstrous deeds a bit too clearly.

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