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Captain America is going to War

Love That Panel: The Batmobile by David Finch

Taken 2 trailer officially released

Marvel in October after AvX: This is War

Official! Ed Brubaker leaving Captain America!

Love That Panel: The Invaders by Mike Deodato

Batman #0 takes us back to Year One

Captain America getting a new look

The Dark Knight Rises trailer- Spoilers!

The Amazing Spider-Man video game PREVIEW

Paolo Rivera leaving Daredevil

The Walking Dead #100 to be highest selling comic of the year

First look at the Captain America #16 cover

The Amazing Spider-Man in Avengers 2....maybe

First look at Avengers vs X-Men #11: Cyclops vs. Emma Frost

Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort on SUPERMAN Starting with Issue Zero

Scarlet Spider #6 PREVIEW

Before Watchmen September covers

Spoilers! More leaked photos from the set of 'Iron Man 3'

The Minutemen #1 PREVIEW

Newest 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer debuted during MTV Movie Awards

In case you didn't hear, Green Lantern is Gay

First Official image from set of 'Iron Man 3'

AMC to air 'Walking Dead' in black and white

DC's New 52 Justice League comes to video games

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