Hickman leaving Fantastic Four, taking over Avengers? UPDATED

In the middle of a video interview with iFanboy during the Image Expo last week, writer Jonathan Hickman let slip that he will be done with Marvel's Fantastic Four by the end of the year. He also stated that he has sent in his last scripts for his other series' there, The Ultimates and SHIELD. Recently after the announcement of Sam Humphries taking over as writer of The Ultimates Hickman said that he was excited about the addition of Humphries because he was just offered his dream job and would need to adjust his workload.

With Brian Michael Bendis leaving the Avengers books also at the end of the year, it would seem that Hickman's sudden availability might just mean that Marvel has found their new Avengers writer already.

UPDATED: Marvel has confirmed this story today, officially announcing that Hickman's last issues are Fantastic Four #611 and FF #23, both shipping this October.