Check your closets! A found closet collection brings $3.5 million at auction

The Washington Post and Associated Press are reporting that a prized boyhood comic collection, including many of the most historic comics published, was sold at auction on Wednesday, bringing in approximately $3.5 million. The highest bid was placed on a copy of Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of Batman. That issue, with a cover price of $.10 went for $523,000.
“It was amazing seeing what they went for,” said Michael Rorrer, who discovered his late great uncle Billy Wright’s collection last year while cleaning out his late great aunt’s house in Martinsville, Va., following her death.
Opening up a basement closet, Rorrer found the neatly stacked comics that had belonged to Wright, who died in 1994 at age 66.
 The 345 issue collection that was auctioned off included 44 of the top 100 Golden Age issues as listed by industry standard Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. Some of the other 'marquee' comics that were sold were:
Action Comics #1, a 1938 issue featuring the first appearance of Superman, sold for about $299,000; Batman #1, from 1940, sold for about $275,000; and Captain America #2, a 1941 issue with a frightened Adolf Hitler on the cover, brought in about $114,000.
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The actual copy of Detective Comics #27 from the auction