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Bendis to take over writing Marvel's X-Men books?

Since Brian Michael Bendis announced recently that after many years as the driving creative force of the Avengers titles for Marvel he was moving on, speculation began as to what projects he would take on next. And Bendis hasn't been giving any clues. All is known is that following the conclusion of Avengers vs. The X-Men he would no longer be writing Avengers and New Avengers.

But where next? Well Rich Johnson at comics rumor site Bleeding Cool has announced that Bendis will be taking over the X-Men franchise of titles. Exactly what that means and what titles that entails is not known at this time. Johnson did not elaborate either.

Stay tuned for more details as we learn them.


  1. I'd be into seeing Bendis on X-Men. I haven't been thrilled with the X-Men lately anyway.

    I'm really tired of Bendis on Avengers anyway. Seems he keeps repeating the same themes over and over. Hopefully writing X-Men will force him to try some fresher approaches.

    It probably sounds like I don't like Bendis, but really, I just think he's been doing the same books for too long.

    1. I'm curious if this turns out to be true if it is part of an actual linewide relaunch for Marvel or just the X books. With 15 plus ongoings the franchise is ripe for an overhaul.


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