New image of Captain America from The Avengers movie

Earlier today Entertainment Weekly posted an interview with Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon. Among the  tidbits of new information that was able to be gleaned from that interview, was that Whedon is using the character of Captain America as the focus of the group.
“So much of [The Avengers] story takes place from Steve Rogers’ perspective, since he’s the guy who just woke up and sees this weird-ass world,” Whedon says. “Everyone else has been living in it. He’s the guy that feels that sense of loss.”
“[The Avengers] is very much about people who are alone — because I’m writing it,” jokes Whedon, who has assembled groups of outcasts before in TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer andFirefly — but also, remember, in his script for the original Toy Story. “[Captain America] is kind of the ultimate loner in that way. There is an anachronism to him, and Chris and I have always tried to, without making it goofy or too obvious, make him that same grounded ’40s Steve Rogers he was in the other movie.”

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